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We get closure every year by trying to think of the Revolution Awards. This year, we've created some categories that will be determined by the We will reveal a new Award Winner each day as we count down to the New Years.

We thought it appropriate to dedicate a category and segment to sports elegance or sports luxe models. The world is dominated by these types of watches. Rolex Replica Watches Alpine Eagle is unique amongst sports chic timepieces, as well as the haute monde period. Not only because it's a comfortable watch to wear -- just ask my colleagues -- but because its story is original and intriguing, like a child discovering the antiques that his grandparents and parents have treasured and realizing how valuable they are.

What makes this watch so special is the fact that it embodies the Scheufele's belief in conservation, not just by preaching. They don't just talk about it and proclaim their environmental credentials,Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches but they actually live it and take the next step to change luxury products in a positive way, without even a thought of profit or publicity. Alpine Eagle, a brand that stands for authenticity and an ideal is something I've always admired.

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