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We get closure every year by trying to think of the Revolution Awards. This year, we've created some categories that will be determined by the public. We will reveal a new Award Winner each day as we count down to the New Years.

When choosing the Revolutionary Watch of the Year, we don't just look at whether the watch nominated is a stunning piece of watchmaking.Swiss Replica Watches The watch must also represent a true breakthrough in horology. Omega Replica Watches's Traditionelle Twinbeat Perpetual Calendar met all of the criteria.

Perpetual calendars are one of the most useful complications for mechanical watches, but they have a major flaw. It is difficult to reset the many indicators of a watch if it stops. The problem was finding the right oscillator. The larger, higher-frequency oscillator may improve precision but can result in a bulkier watch. A lower-frequency balance, on the other hand compromises the performance.

On paper, Vacheron's solution seems simple.Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches Why not use two oscillators instead? Wearers can choose between Active mode where the watch beats at a higher frequency of 5 Hz and Standby mode where it beats at a lower frequency of 1.2 Hz, thus extending their power reserve to an amazing 65 days. This is more than two full months. The watch can be wound just six times per year or twice a month and still maintain its perfect accuracy.

Omega Replica Watches has done a brilliant job in designing the mechanism. It shows that they have taken into account how collectors will use their timepiece. The timepiece has a beautiful design and impeccable craftsmanship.

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